Thursday, June 27, 2013

Currents : June 27th 2013

Currents is the title of the blogs that summarizes what I'm doing as of late, things I"m reading, movies I intend to watch, etc etc.  This is the first, and is detailing some of the ongoing things I am doing before this blog started.

Book Series:

Mirror Shades Trilogy
-the granddaddy and many say originator of Cyberpunk, I have read Neuromancer and plan on reading the rest when the mood for Cyberpunk overwhelms me.

Dresden Files
-I've read all of the first books in this detective noir mixed with adult Harry Potter series.  I like them very much, and loved the 2nd book.  If you think he plans on keeping things or finishing things on "status quo" between each book, the 2nd book inform you that he's not afraid to change everything

Fantasy Co-Read with my girl.
-My girl has been reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time.  We have had so much fun talking about it(and Harry Potter before it) that I am on the lookout for a new Trilogyish collection that we can kind of experience together by reading the series at the same time


I'm on a Japanese/Korean kick as of late.  Generally the non-action movies we do not typically get here.  That does not mean that I shy away from that stuff though, I have plenty of Samurai movies in my que on Netflix.

Prologue, another blog

While this blog is called Skypp's Bookshelf, it is also movie based.  I'm also cautious to say it, but this blog is not really for everyone.  I have read many books and watched many movies in my life, and I want to have somewhere that I chronicle what I think of them.  This means that I am not doing reviews or shying away from spoilers, but just keeping my thoughts on a movie or book as I read or after I view them.

Read at your own peril.